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There Are Two Ways I Can Help You:
Sell Your Business Now
Twice a year Spencer takes a dozen business owners through his sell your business event.

Working together as a group we make your company highly desirable by following a proven framework, we make it easy for you to get a big payout and walk away to do what you really want.

Acceptance is by application only, and space is limited to 12 businesses per event. You must meet our strict guidelines and have a positive outlook on life to be considered.
Sell Your Business In The Future
According to the US small business administration, over 80 percent of businesses aren’t saleable because owners haven’t addressed critical flaws or prepared properly.

Whether you are looking to sell your company now or in the next 5 years, the sooner you start preparing the bigger your payout will be.

Generally, companies increase their selling price by 25%-50% depending on how many years in advance they start preparing.
Ask The Right Questions
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Write It Down Now
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Mark It As Done
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chats, and keep it professional...
"I had read loads of books on how to sell my business, but when I learned about Spencer's approach I finally understood what I needed to do. If you are wanting to sell your company, I highly recommend that you contact Spencer."
Thorstein Nordby
Founder Of Nettly AS
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Who Is Spencer McMurtry?
Spencer has built, automated and sold 3 companies. He is most known for his ability to systemize complex processes making them easy to scale and automate. 

He has personally trained and spoke on marketing, business automation and selling your company to hundreds of business owners.

He lives in Denver, Colorado and serves on the board for TiE Rockies an International Entrepreneur Organization and has won multiple awards including being featured as an instructor at Freedom Studios.
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