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In this episode, I talk to Kyle Lasota, Founder of KyleGotCamera. He makes strategic video assets for brands and entrepreneurs. Kyle tells the stories of entrepreneurs, using images and video.

The Road To Success And Fulfillment

Kyle always had a dream of being a filmmaker. He studied film and entrepreneurship. After noticing that there's not much money in the filmmaking industry, he dropped out to become an investment banker for six months.

He left that industry, after a friend introduced him to digital content development - writing content, ads and headlines.

With his skills improving in content development, Kyle ended up writing headlines for some big media publications for about three years.  

Even Russell Brunson asked Kyle to help with his book Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Finding Your Message, Building a Tribe, and Changing the World.

Kyle has had ups and downs, as well as hitting some speed bumps along the road to. He found that the downs and hitting speed bumps, were a result of not being fulfilled or happy. 

He made it part of his purpose to find happiness and fulfillment in business. Hence he bounced back; to be now servicing high-level entrepreneurs.

"I Help High-Level Entrepreneurs Tell Their Story"

Kyle describes what he does as storytelling and marketing - done through video. He services online entrepreneurs, who earn from six-figures - going upwards.

He serves two clients at a time. "I serve a very small segment of that market." He added. 

Tailor Products For The Customer

Kyle believes in his own way of doing things. He believes you have to create the product around the customer. 

The only stress you should have with tailoring to specific customers is around delivery time. After all, you already know what the client wants. 

I know it's not cut and dried in business- or in anything in fact. Some of us are not for the idea of 'being friends' with the customer. Instead we want wealth.

Valuing Fulfillment Instead Of Wealth

Money, is the first thing that comes to mind when the word entrepreneur or business is mentioned. And as much as Kyle is making money, it's not all he values. 

Rather, for Kyle, it is fulfillment that he needs. "My goal is not to have the biggest business in the world. My goal is to have a good life and be fulfilled." he added.

Fulfillment and/or happiness in business is not impossible. But because we Yes, wealth is good but being an entrepreneur should not mean a lack of happiness.  

KyleGotCamera telling emotional and personal stories of entrepreneurs using images and video

Relate To Your Customer

Being able to relate to your customers on a personal level, not just business, builds trust between you and them.

Kyle builds that trust by working with few clients at a time - so that he doesn't lose touch with them.

The entrepreneurs he works with get to tell their personal and emotional stories. Their clients may find something that resonates in those stories - and they relate with them before even meeting them.

Building rapport with your clients allows you to know them. Once you know them, you'll know what they like, and how. You deliver that, trust follows.

Fulfillment and happiness in business, can be found in seeing a happy customer when you deliver. However to see or feel that, you need to be close to them.

Think About What You Want To Create

The idea of working for ourselves is very great. But we mostly think about the money and independence of it. Not what we want to create or how we want it to impact ourselves.

At best, you know what product you want to sell. From there, you think about how much that will make you. As a result, you get stressed or burnout. Because it was all about sales.

But it's important to think about it, "Building a business is like birthing something to the world. So, you should take some time to think about what you want to create." said Kyle.

Although it's not easy, happiness and fulfillment in business can be found. But it needs to be part of your life purpose and purpose for wanting to be an entrepreneur.

It won't be easy or fun all the time but when you start seeing the rewards it will be fun.

Even Kyle says "It's not fun all the time, but you do it so you can have fun most of the time." 

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