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The Systems Method Success Stories

Felipe Mosqueda
CEO Mile High Wine Tours | Denver, CO

"If you are looking for a way to grow your business, I highly recommend The Systems Method. We increased our cash flow over 30% in the first 2 months by changing our client focus and using the systems they helped us create." 

If you’re looking to explore the wine industry with unique urban winery tours and tastings, look no further than Mile High Wine Tours. Whether you are a beginner, novice or wine connoisseur, they specialize in creating customized experiences for all their wine tasting adventures. Their commitment to top-notch hospitality hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Felipe worked with one on one with Spencer McMurtry to develop ready-to-go systems customized to the needs of Mile High Wine Tours.

This Included:
✓ Building an online operations manual
✓ Creating a system to track profit earned per tour
✓ Developing a customer referral system that would upsell at corporate events

✓ Hiring a virtual bookkeeper to provide accurate accounting reports
✓ Delegating Felipe’s everyday tasks to a newly hired reservation manager
✓ Building cash flow reports to gage the company's growth

Henry Kaminski Jr.
CEO Unique Designz | New York, NY

"The Systems Method helped me build systems so I could focus on what I enjoy most. Growing my company and spending time with my family!"

Never give up. That’s been Henry’s motto ever since he can remember. After running his own graphic design business for five years, he hit a brick wall. Two of his clients had to restructure their businesses after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. For Henry, that meant losing two of his primary clients, and with them went a major source of his income.

Henry worked with one-on-one with Spencer McMurtry to develop ready-to-go systems customized to the needs of Unique Designz.

This Included:
✓ Hiring a cost-effective virtual project manager
✓ Switching to a project management software with advanced capabilities

✓ Developing a customer referral system
✓ Writing an operations manual that employees could access online

Dan Bremner
CEO Pro Graphic Install | Denver, CO

“The Systems Method helped me increase my cash flow by developing a system to get invoices out faster and decrease our process errors by 15%. I’d recommend them to any business owner.”

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas or New York City, you’ve experienced the power of graphic wraps. Looking at buildings that tower over you, you can’t help but notice the ten-story image of your favorite brand, athlete, or artist. Whether it’s on buildings, buses, stairwells, or window decals, Pro Graphic Install has the experience — over 9 years actually — to get it done.

Dan worked with one-on-one with Spencer McMurtry to develop ready-to-go systems customized to the needs of Pro Graphic Install.

This Included:
✓ Consolidating communication with clients by using an installation packet
✓ Building a system that automated direct mail and email marketing campaigns on a monthly basis

✓ Developing new invoicing systems to get paid faster
✓ Writing an operations manual that employees could access online
✓ Developing an employee reward system

The Systems Method Principals Have Been Proven Over Time

First, We Help You Get Clear On Your Motivation and Why

We help you get a big enough reason why you must succeed. Motivation has everything to do with your WHY. 

Second, We Help You Build A Measurable Plan

Each plan will have metrics in place to hold you and your team accountable and clearly define what success looks like.

Third, We Help You Execute And Measure The Results 

We will execute your plan, measure the results and keep changing our approach until the desired outcome is reached.

We’ve Built The Ultimate Leaders Accountability Group That Will Push You To Achieve Your Goals Faster And Easier.