Concession Mall Makes Over $10,000 In First Two Months

Featuring Wayne McMurtry Owner at Concession Mall

  • Company Size: 2 Employees
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Industry: Manufacturing/ecommerce
  • Website:

Like father like son

As you can see from the photo Wayne is my father, I am really grateful I was able to help him on this project. There is nothing I enjoy more than having the skills and resources to be able to help my family and those around me.

My dad is a very smart man and he helped to install the entrepreneur spirit in me from at the age 15, selling airbrush temporary tattoos at fairs and festivals.

It is so cool for him (and me!) to catch up on the phone and to hear the excitement in his voice when he tells me he many more drink dispensers he sold in his sleep.

Wayne McMurtry has been in the concession business for over 25 years. But if you were to ask him about his work, he would tell you that he has enjoyed what he does so much, that he hasn’t had a job in those 25 years.

When Wayne decided to expand into the beverage market of concessions, he found that other drink dispensers weren’t doing what he wanted them to do. So, he set out, collaborated with a couple local manufacturers, and came up with his Premium Beverage Dispenser and Insulator.

His drink dispenser is different because of its unique design features, including: leak-resistant curved edges; a strainer so you can garnish your beverages with fruit without clocking the spigot; and a dispenser insulator that allows you to remove the front cover so that you can keep the insulator on while still selling beverages.

Wayne knew he was on to something when other vendors at fairs and events started asking him where they could get that same dispenser for their concession stands.

“I can still remember my first day in the concession business. Since that day, over 25 years ago, I’ve enjoyed my business so much that it doesn’t feel like I’m going to work. Spencer made sure that this new business will continue to provide me with that kind of freedom.”
– Wayne McMurtry, Owner at Concession Mall

Great business

That’s when Wayne decided to found Concession Mall, a business that allows him to continue with his passion in the concession business and help other vendors enjoy that same kind of freedom. He built his own manufacturing facility in the backyard of his winter home and has been creating and selling them ever since.

Concession Mall was a hit with the vendors who used it, so Wayne knew he had an excellent product that fit the needs of his market. Wayne wanted to be able to share his dispensers with vendors across the U.S., but he didn’t know how to market his product.

Wayne was unsure about how to market this business, so he quickly gave Spencer a call to talk about different strategies.

The key ingredient that was missing for Wayne? A marketing system that worked.

Wayne worked one-on-one with Spencer to develop ready-to-go marketing systems customized to the needs of

This Included:
✓ Building a Shopify e-commerce store
✓ Compiling a mailing list of targeted leads and customers

✓ Launching targeted marketing campaigns using Google AdWords, Facebook retargeting, Google Display Network marketing, and direct mail marketing using postcards

“I couldn’t believe how powerful these marketing campaigns are, not only is my fresh marketing strategy reaching customers 24 hours a day without me having to touch it, I made over $10,000 in sales within my first two months!”
– Wayne McMurtry, Owner at Concession Mall

The future of Concession Mall
After Spencer built an e-commerce store and launched a targeting marketing campaign, Concession Mall’s sales soared to over $10,000 in only two months. With the e-commerce store in place, Wayne’s customers could find and order his beverage dispensers 24/7 — without any extra work! Wayne can now expand his business to reach customers around the U.S., which means that vendors across the nation will be able to provide all of us with ice-cold lemonade when we need it most.

Most importantly, Wayne can share the freedom he has found in his business with others, and won’t have to worry about working another day for the rest of his life.

Looking to build a targeted marketing campaign just like Wayne? No problem!