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Spencer's Story

How it all started...

Born and raised in the small town of Bayard, Nebraska, Spencer McMurtry began his entrepreneurial ventures at the age of 15, selling temporary airbrush tattoos at fairs and festivals. By senior year of high school, he bought himself a brand new BMW. When he graduated, he opted for the less traditional path of entrepreneurship over attending university. 

Infinite Graphics

The move paid off. In 2008, Spencer started a sign and vehicle wrap company called Infinite Graphics, and just 3 years after graduation, he built it to be the largest sign company in the region and eventually sold it. Spencer's rapid success earned him a promotion as an instructor at a business school.

Striking Wraps

After selling Infinite Graphics, Spencer wanted to replicate his former companies successes in a more technological and scalable manner. Through his automations and help from overseas assistants, the business could operate entirely online. He implemented marketing campaigns to gain significant market share and became the largest vehicle graphics provider for Culligan Water Franchises. Striking Wraps was sold in December 2015 to a Fortune 500 company.

Society of Mastermind

Spencer then became an executive instructor of an entrepreneurship group called The Secret Society Mastermind. During his stint as an instructor, he embarked on a journey across the United States and the world, meeting like-minded entrepreneurs in Greece, South Africa, and Bulgaria.

The Systems Method

Ultimately, Infinite Graphics and Striking Wraps taught him the importance of building systems, while his time as a business school and mastermind instructor trained him to be an efficient communicator. Combining the two, he founded a consulting business, The Systems Method, where he coaches some of the world's top executives in various industries. While he enjoyed 1-on-1 coaching and consulting, Spencer wanted to build a more scalable system.

After studying rigorous analytical data, he determined that the demographic requiring the most guidance were individuals approaching retirement as they embarked on a new and unknown chapter of their lives. As such, Planning Community was born to provide those who are nearing retirement a free platform to gain exclusive access and advice from like-minded people and professionals. 

In his free time, Spencer enjoys hiking and traveling. He has lived in places like Cape Town, Denver & Chiang Mai.


Spencer's clients have said...

I have hired Spencer for several jobs for our company as well as our race team. The work the Spencer does and the detail, time, and effort he puts into our projects is second to none! Spencer is a very out of the box thinker that is able to see and create the big picture, and then able to deliver on the final product. I also have the pleasure to sit on a local leadership board with Spencer. The drive and vision that Spencer has for his business in the same drive and vision that he has for his community.

Phillip Holliday (Infinite Graphics)


I Would Highly Recommend Spencer And The Planning Community. I have been working with the Planning Community for about six months now. I would highly recommend Spencer and the Planning Community. Spencer has done everything he promised to do, and he is always looking for ways to improve on his offerings. The work he does is done correctly and with integrity. I think for lawyers looking at ways to differentiate themselves, The Planning Community is a great way to do so.

Randall Kamp (

Attorney and founder of heartland planning

When I learned about Spencer's approach I finally understood what I needed to do to build the business I set out to. Now I have a plan for how to standardize processes, build systems and scale my agency. If you feel trapped in your business, I highly recommend that you contact Spencer.

Thorstein Nordby (The Systems Method)


Spencer has a remarkable ability to understand how business systems work. I was really impressed with his approach. If you are concerned about having to do boring, time-consuming tasks over and over again, then Spencer is your man. He has not only helped us make things simple but more importantly get the results that we were looking for. I highly recommend him to any fellow business owner.

Eduardo Calvachi (The Systems Method)

Co-Founder Of Revolution Targeting

Consulting projects

Here are some results from Spencer's one-on-one clients...

Felipe Increased his cash flow 30% by changing client focus

✓ Spent most of his time putting out fires instead of growing the business
✓ Was stressed from not having a proper book keeping system in place

✓ Didn't have the tools to measure what services where the most profitable


✓ Redesigned systems to provide key metrics on company's growth and profit per service
✓ Delegated Felipe’s everyday tasks to a newly hired reservation manager
✓ Focused on selling more profitable services

+ So much more...

Felipe Mosqueda

Founder, Mile High Wine Tours

"If you are looking for a way to grow your business, I highly recommend The Systems Method. We increased our cash flow 30% by changing our client focus and using the systems they helped us create."

Henry reduced his WORKLOAD BY 20 HOURS A WEEK

✓ Stressed from trying to service all the clients himself

✓ Wanted to continue growing but didn't have enough time in the day

✓ Wanted to continue growing but didn't have enough time in the day


✓ Hired a cost-effective project manager
✓ Designed project management software with advanced capabilities
✓ Wrote procedures so project manager could manage with out Henry

+ So much more...

Henry Kaminski Jr.

Founder, Unique Designz

"I reduced my workload by 20 hours a week! Now I can focus on what I enjoy most, growing my company and spending time with family!"

Dan decreased his processing errors by 15%

✓ Took 14 days + to invoice completed jobs

✓ Having costly mistakes from lack of communication with team members

✓ Employees where not engaged from lack of appreciated and goals


✓ Developed new invoicing systems to get paid 24 hours after completed job
✓ Developed an employee reward system to increase engagement

✓ Consolidating communication with clients by using an installation packet
+ So much more

Dan Bremner

Founder, Pro Graphic Install

“The Systems Method helped me increase my cash flow by developing a system to get invoices out faster and decrease our process errors by 15%. I’d recommend them to any business owner.”